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I created a list of UK and European Fintech Startup Stacks on Notion - let me know if i’m missing anything

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Hi @sean :wave:
Could you give a bit more info on this section?
Is it about sharing other website good tips around finance or saving money?
Are referral links allowed?
Don’t want to break the rules :blush:

Hi @ludofarine - I’d love to see this section being used by community members as a means of sharing helpful resources with others. For example, personal finance articles you like or have found helpful, other apps or websites you’re using in FinTech.

I’m planning to kick things off soon with a short thread about means of budgeting as it’s something I personally find difficult sometimes, so I’m keen to hear about how others have approached it. I don’t see a problem with referral links, though would caveat that as with all posts on this forum we should be aiming to have meaningful conversations that help other members of the community or add value in some way!

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