Anyone Monitoring Support Requests?

I have 3 support requests that have been open for over a month now; and one opened today reporting transactions being duplicated when imported from the linked accounts.

Is anyone monitoring these requests or is that support system no longer active ?



That is very disappointing to see… no response on your thread either :frowning:

Well they answered my request on “Duplicate Transactions” but all the others are still open :worried:

I would move back to MoneyHub, but MD has a far better interface.

Is there anything the community can assist with?

I don’t think so - the main open item is about loss of Bank Connections every now and again that needs the permissions removed at the bank and then the connection remade. Not sure it is a Bank problem as MoneyHub never drops the connection (but they could be using a different method to connect).

Fair enough. I will try that with one of mine that has lost connection and won’t renew.


Sorry about that. Has anybody replied to you yet?


Nothing yet and the request is still Open on the support system.

Sorry about that. Can you message me your ticket numbers and I will see why they haven’t been responded to. You can do that by clicking on my name above.


What was the outcome of this? I have submitted ticket 273796 today and received no response whatsoever. I am having a major problem acting on your alert that most of my accounts are nearing 90 day expiry, and require re-authenticating. However, neither the Classic nor Neon software will allow me to do so.

As an investor, this is rather disappointing, especially when you make play of winning prizes from such as the British Bank Awards. As you will appreciate, I do not really want to resort to using one of your competitors going forward.

I believe this was dealt with directly between customer support and @Phil89a. @Phil89a if not please let me know.

Hi @thejonester … I’ll prompt the customer success team now. Iain

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Yes; sorted now. We think the problem is Barclays undertaking maintenance of part or all of the Open Banking interface service over some weekends. Don’t think it is a MDB issue at this time

A “bug” (I think) is that MDB drops the balance to zero for any accounts with this problem - which means you can’t see the state of your accounts until the connection is restored. All transaction are still there, but a zero balance.

The fix is to remove the connection using the Bank’s Online service and then reconnect via MDB.

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Hi. My query was about the support function response in general, rather than your specific issue. Glad you got sorted anyway.

Hi, no contact from support to date.


We responded to your support ticket 273796 at 17:33 on Wednesday, the same day it was submitted. If you’re not seeing it check your junk/spam folder or login directly to the support site Money Dashboard Neon to see the full ticket there.

Reply now seen, on the Support board, which is confusingly different to this Community board. Digesting the contents.

@Iain_Niblock Hi. I have located the response from support, and now provided them with copious information and detail on the separate Support board, against the appropriate ticket reference. I think the ball is firmly back in their court now.

Hey @Phil89a,

How did you resolve the duplicate transaction issue?


Deleted the transaction from MDB

@Iain_Niblock Hi. Just to confirm that, as of today, all of my Virgin connections are broken and I can no longer log in or update.

Interestingly, it seems that this is NOT the case for your competing apps such as Moneyhub and Snoop, so it seems that I will have to utilise them instead of MDB. As you will appreciate this is rather disappointing, as both a customer and an investor, and your current marketing campaign to recommend MDB to friends is not applicable in my case.