Are problems on MDB classic permanent?

Apologies: soon after posting the below, I tried the MDB classic website in Chrome Incognito mode
Everything worked as expected again, which showed that it was my Adblocker which for the first time (after years of not interfering) had started conflicting with MDB classic.

I hope this may be of help to others who have unexpectedly lost functionality over the last few days.


For the last 3 days the MDB classic website (which I access via Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop) has had very reduced functionality. For example:

  • only current accounts listed in the sidebar, but without the refresh icon. Savings accounts not listed and their types (back to current) cannot be changed)

  • I can’t split a transaction from the transactions list

Even the display font has changed. Is the MDB classic web version being deprecated, abandoned or are these glitches that will be fixed?

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