Better IOS large font support

When the iPhone display settings are set to Zoomed and text size set to the largest the display in the money dashboard app is a bit messy, lots of wrapping.

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I’ve found this too as my eyesight deteriorated (!).

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As a non-Money Dashboard iOS developer, designing anything that is visually pleasing with large fonts and avoiding wrapping is practically impossible. If you have some good examples, please share.

I have 300+ apps on my phone and they all run under the same settings, and I cant say I’ve noticed any of them looking visually unpleasing. These were just my observations in the Money Dashboard app.

There is Apple developer guidelines on handling Text Size and Weight:
Text Size and Weight - Accessibility - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer

Hey there @vbtrek, thanks for letting us know about this. We’re sorry you’re not having a great experience.

We do test across a range of devices and screen sizes, however if you’re having trouble with zoomed in text sizes would you be able to drop us an email on with a couple of screenshots of some of the offending pages? It would be a great help for us to try and find a solution to this.