Capital letter transaction names

Hi guys. Most of the transaction names I have are in capital letters. Obv you are just displaying what you’ve received through an api. Have you considered changing the names automatically to lowercase also removing extra spaces? I am using MD as well as Emma, and transaction names are much better looking in Emma.
Also are you planning to add some rules to merchants to make transaction names more user friendly?
E.g remove CRV* for Curve transactions or change transactions from Apple from
to just ‘Apple’ or

Hi @trofushka, thanks so much for that suggestion. And thanks for giving us examples of the long descriptions you are getting, I can imagine that they don’t look great and can be confusing. I’ll flag this with the team :slight_smile:

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Be careful @Adrienne, because you are reacting to one user.
Firstly I don’t think this is within the control of MdB, but of the Merchant, but that is just a guess of mine, I am sure you could probably apply some sort of algorithm but why would you spend that time.
Secondly I don’t think MdB should be messing with transaction names that a merchant is using.
Let me give the opposite point of view. I like the description to be as long as possible. I keep getting FPS and nothing else from one of my banks, I want to see CRV* on my Curve transactions, simply so I can tell they came from Curve easily and not have to search them out. Also I can actually search on *CRV to see how much I have used Curve … The longer the transaction name - the more filtered my searches can be.

For me there is one priority area that MdB should be addressing and that is attracting more Merchants.


Hi @kinggooner, absolutely, what might work better for one user doesn’t necessarily mean all users would prefer it that way. However, it’s always good to start the conversation within the team when something like this comes up. Thank you for giving your view on this as well, good to hear all sides.