Coronavirus: Opening this channel to the public

Hi All,

In light of the rapidly evolving situation caused by Coronavirus, we have been putting some serious thought into what we can do as a company to help people at this time of financial uncertainty.

While speculation as to what will happen economically in the coming months should be left to the experts, we all have a role to play to ensure we support one another and promote - without exception - well-reasoned advice and resources.

As such, we plan to make this channel available to the wider public (currently all other channels remain only accessible to investors and are marked as such). We wish to use this channel as a way of distributing new resources, for example blog articles, commentary from experts and practical guidance towards good personal finance management to help people requiring support at this time.

We have already begun distributing some content on this topic, such as through this article on our blog about preparing for an economic downturn and this article explaining our approach to supporting our users.

What we need from you:

  • Your assistance in making this a valuable source of information and resources.
    • If you come across valuable information relating to personal finance and how people can approach money in the lead up to a possible economic downturn, please share it in this channel.
  • Your help as moderators.
    • While we don’t know exactly how popular the community will be and how the content will evolve, to keep things manageable we will need your help to ensure new community members are welcomed and supported.

We would welcome any input into ways we can help - whether that be by answering questions, commissioning expert advice or something else.

Best wishes,

The Money Dashboard Team


Everything seems crazy right now and it is. But the Coronavirus is also a unique opportunity to think about your relationship with money.

In our article about money and happiness, we give practical tips based on academic research to help you initiate this personal reflection.