Credit cards not accurately reflected

There needs to be an ability to include the relevant amounts for monthly credit card bills and when they will be paid. Currently the homescreen total figure and graph isn’t accurate because that shows current credit card balances in total but these are not due to be paid immediately.


I treat my credit card bill payments (paid in full by direct debit) as transfers. I currently have five of them. though they are not all used each month.
The system predicts that I will have an outgoing of exactly that amount next month, which is a wildly inaccurate guess. I have to keep a sheet of paper with my next months amount on it (and the date which varies by a few days each month). The difference between the bill and the current balance is as Michael says, not payable for another money.

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I looked at the Open Banking API docs a while back and it seems there may be a possibility of pulling Statement Balance information from providers (which would probably reflect actual card payments) so it could be incorporated in future spending projections.

However I’ve no way of telling which, if any, institutions actually make that API endpoint available - would be nice if MD could check it out?