Critical Bug - Missing Transactions

I have raised this as a support ticket, but thought I would post here so people are aware and maybe I can get a quick response…

I’ve just noticed that I have a transaction missing from my Barclaycard Account. Earlier this month I had two identical payments made on the same day, but MoneyDashboard only transferred one of these payments to my MDB transaction list. This now means my MDB position no longer reflects my true account position which worries me - and is causing some planning problems!

How can this be fixed?

I know I can delete transactions (and I haven’t done this in this case as I have checked the Deleted Transactions list) but how do I add the missing transaction in - or can MDB refresh the transaction list correctly ?

Help !

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Can anyone from MDB comment on this problem ?

Why do I have transactions correctly mapped to categories when I look in the transactions view but then, can’t see the same transactions on the within budgets which contain those catagories? It’s throwing the balances out. I’ve been at setting up Neon for three days now and in between this and having catagories change their position every time I edit them (they drop to the bottom) I’m about to give up on it. Why didn’t you just improve the interface on Classic … at least it worked properly and wasn’t full of holes / bugs :frowning:

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Hi Ian - thanks for the MD Support email - turned out that they were showing in the budget because they were reoccurring i.e. scheduled payments. The mental transition between Classic and Neon has been a challenge i.e. on the former, I would have seen both in the budget. Neon (still relatively slowly) starting to grow on me. Thanks again. Andy

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I’ve had this issue multiple times now, the app removes what it considers duplicate transations, but sometimes you just pay the same amount twice in the same day. There should really be a way to undo this. Last time it was a small amount, but this time £40 are missing from my spending.

Still broken :disappointed:

Again I am missing transactions due to having two payments on the same day, with the same value and the same payee.

This is very bad for a Finance system. There is no way to add the missing transaction back in, which means you do not have a historical record of your transactions or a correct reflection of the true state of your current spend.

To me this needs to be fixed urgently - before new features are added - as it is fundamental we should be seeing the all transactions otherwise what is the point of using and trusting MDB