Differing sets of Supported accounts

Is there any explanation why Classic and Neon appear to support different sets of banks /accounts?
For example Classic supports cahoot whilst Neon doesn’t - the reason why I terminated my Neon account. Neon appears to support the Chelsea Building Society but Classic doesn’t which means I have to run it there as an offline account.

I think the ‘Neon’ is the open banking version, and Classic is not.

Why they can’t bridge the gap for something they’ve already built I don’t know.

I run the Classic version and confirm that if your financial institution supports it [and surely most do now] then open banking is available. I have FD, Starling, Monzo and Tesco working fine. R-

Both Classic and Neon operate entirely on open banking. They are however completely separate in infrastructure so there might be discrepancies on the provider list.

I’ll follow up with the team to ask about Cahoot.

Thanks for following up on cahoot . I have reopened my Neon account - mainly as a fallback should Classic be discontinued. The Neon Chelsea BS account linkage doesn’t work for their savings accounts - which was to be expected, so I will run that offline as I do in Classic.

Good luck with getting them to match. I waited well over a year for them to add one which was on Neon, but not on Classic. I got forum posts, emails, even a investor call, saying it was arriving soon. I have just checked and no surprise it is still not there.

Because I consolidate all my stocks and shares, I no longer have the account anyway.

Like someone else commented, I had both Classic and Neon. I closed my Neon a couple of weeks ago. I now use Vanguard for investments, and Barclays which MDB support, then 10+ other accounts are now manual since MDB and OB update. I was looking for an high interest cash deposit account, and none are supported by MDB.

So I probably can see by end of the year, I will probably just use Barclays App and Vanguard and drop MDB. Which is a shame as they use to be a good product.

It’s very frustrating that a number of suppliers that used to be supported prior to the Openbank changes have been dropped and there seems to be no sign of them reappearing.

An incomplete financial picture is almost worse than none at all :disappointed: