Do you know the 30 day rule?

The 30 day rule is a strategy to manage your spending, especially for non-essential product and services.

Do you practice it?

I don’t. But, I try to delay gratification by adding the items to my Amazon wish list instead of buying things straight away.

I also clean my wish list several times per year and delete stuff I will never buy (after a few months spent in the wish list).

I was sat watching TV yesterday, and noticed that there was a patch of dust/crumbs on the floor. I stared at it for a few seconds deciding on what i should do and if this would involve pausing netflix. If it got left then I would have concentrated on it for far too long.
I reached over for my Chromebook and ordered a robovac from amazon, should be here by 13.30
I think I failed the 30 day rule by 29 days 23 hours and about 40 minutes
But, there is one consolation, my debit card isn’t supported by MDB so i wont see the results of my failure


hi @TheCorner your debit card is from which bank?

HAHA I am not going down this route again, see my post about Virgin Money


We apologise for the current problem. We are fully aware of the situation with Virgin Money and are actively working to solve it as soon as we can.