Do you use cashback site when shopping online?

If you never heard of cashback website or don’t have an account yet, then you must reconsider this right now!

What is a cashback website ?
This is simply a website which reference loads of online shopping providers - whether it’s travel (rent a car, hotels), utilities (electricity, mobile phone) or simply shopping (groceries, clothes, beauty) .
What do I get ?
The idea is to receive a certain amount of cashback from your purchase for a specific retailers. For example you can get back 10% when booking a room in ebookers for example, or 42£ when you switch your electricity provider. Many many many other examples I can give!
How can I get my cashback ?
Once you do your purchase at the retailer online, you will get few hours or days later a record of your tracking purchase and expected cashback. It could take few weeks or months to be approved and paid within your virtual account in your cashback account. You can then withdraw money back to your bank account or event better, exchange against gift cards with an extra % topup added.
Awesome! Where do I start?
Well simply simply register to (thanks in advance for using my reference) and you will get a first £5 credit as a thank you! Then don’t forget to go through this website or install the browser extension to activate the cashback before you make your purchase!
What can I expect?
Well if you do much shopping online, you can quickly think about an average 5% back to your pocket. Personally, I have collected £1735 cashback over 6 years. That’s a whopping £300 savings a year!

Let me know if you have any questions! Hope that helps if you haven’t heard it before!

PS: TopCashback is my favourite one, and most reliable based on my experience. Quidco do also exist as well as honey, but they are less generous or less reliable.

I use Quidco although I’m considering using Topcashback. Using a cashback site seems like a no-brainer. It’s money for nothing! I only use them for products and services that I would have bought anyway so it’s just like an extra dicsount.

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Exactly @adrian.waters!
It’s not much trouble comparing to how much you could save for something you will buy anyway!

I used both Quidco and TopCashback at some point but I have to say that TCB has been the most reliable for tracking purchases and also customer service much more responsive and positive outcome if anything goes wrong. So now went fully for TCB as my go-to website.

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I use both too. I find Quicdo a bit more reliable.

Always been a Quidco user myself, never really got into Topcashback.

I have the chrome extension installed to remind me.
If i was more serious about the cash back I should compare the rate between the 2 sites.

My game changer has to be Honey - referral link. Finds discount codes and applies them with ease… this usually stops the cashback however

I felt TCB more reliable over transactions. But I guess there’s always two sides of a coin!
But yeah I only used Honey if I don’t get a deal with TCB.