"Dragging" Budgets

In MD Classic, I could add new budgets and if I then wanted, rearrange (by dragging) them into alphabetical order. In Neon I can’t drag budgets around after I’ve created them. This is a pain as if I need to amend / edit a budget, it will move its position after I press “Save.” As a result, even if I originally set up budgets up alphabetically, they then fall out of sequence and I have no way to drag them back into position. For example, if I create 3 budgets in an alphabetical sequence as follows; Cash, Celebrations and Clothes - they will be presented in that order to start with. But then, one of two things happen. Firstly, If I then decide to amend Celebrations, it will drop itself into a position below Clothes - so the list of budgets become non-alphabetical. Secondly, if I add a 4th budget (say “Clubs”) it will sometimes drop itself in what appears to be a random location in the sequence i.e. it may position itself between Cash and Celebrations or, between Celebrations and Clothes but rarely if ever, does it position itself where it should do i.e. after Clothes??? In both these examples, it would be extremely useful to be able to ‘drag’ the budgets back into the alphabetical order. I thought the problem might be something to do with the sych between the desktop and mobile versions so took both back to a position where no budgets at all existed in either and then, refreshed both. I then tried starting from scratch creating new budgets in the desktop version … but to no avail. So I took both back to a position of having no budgets and refreshed and then, I tried starting from scratch creating new budgets in the mobile version … but again, to no avail as the ‘random’ sequencing problem reoccured. I then thought it night be due to the the budgets being sequenced by the software by either “Spent” or “Available” amounts - but again no? I really miss the ‘drag’ feature so would really appreciate some feedback? Thanks Andy


Do MD not reply to their customers on the community forum? Surely they must have someone who reads the posts on a daily basis. If not MD this is a really big No!No! @ray.fong

I’ve been using MD Classic for maybe 3 years (and it was a great product) and as a result, had held back from Neon until recently. As a result, my experience is (apart from some functionality that was already in Classic “still” being missing in Neon) is that support has become really really patchy with both products. As a result, I wonder if MD have lost a significant number of staff? The reason I’m wondering about this is that whilst, like a lot of businesses over the past 18-months, they had to adapt to Covid-19 / remote working initially and consequently, their service levels dropped (which I think we can all accept for a period do time) it has never really recovered 18 months on? The other reason for wondering if this is the cause is that it seems to be poor bloke named Ian (I think his name is) who is both lead software engineer but also, project planner and customer support? I have a vision of hugely overworked guy locked in a bedroom in Edinburgh on his own. for 22 hours a day who in the rush to get the much hyped (but much delated “Planner” out) doesn’t have time for support queries. I really want to stick with MD (not least because I’ve got 3 year of data with them which is useful for budgeting / analysis etc.) but I am torn about ditching Neon and going back to Classic. The only reason for not doing so however, is that I suspect Classic is no better resourced (its probably Ian again?) from a support and product development point of view than its younger Neon relative and if that’s the case, then I’d be better switching to an entirely new platform??? In hindsight, maybe MD would have been better to have delivered a more evolved Neon product with sufficient resources to deliver new functionality against a defined product development roadmap than to have engaged in what seem to be a poor resourced, Agile / iterative developed product??? I keep the faith for now but probably not for too much longer.

It’s nice to No that you are not being ignored by the MD staff eh @jon-turnbull

Yeah … not great is it :frowning:

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I meant to say KNOW,it doesn’t let me edit the post hopeless

Ok can’t help think that the £4500 I invested in MD is going down the s**thole

I’ve just moved over from YNAB and this reordering of budgets is pretty essential for me! So +1 to this request.

Thanks for your feedback.

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