Feature Request: Custom scheduled payments

Tried looking but I cannot see a forum or similiar for feature requests - would be good if Money Dashboard created one, if it doesn’t already exist.

Both classic and Neon now have a feature for balancing bills which shows incomings and outgoings over the paycycle and has the ability to schedule bills from previous transactions. When is Money Dashboard going to add the ability to make custom scheduled payments?

I.e. to be able to schedule in new bills thats never come off yet, or to schedule in a one of bill ahead of that month.


Hi @IAAitken, thank you for reaching out. We agree that this would be a very useful feature and we are planning to add this to Money Dashboard but unfortunately we don’t have a clear timeline on this yet.

Can you create a section in the community for Feature Updates, Ideas and maybe Help?

Hi @trofushka, we only have a small number of members active on the Community board so we prefer to send out feature updates in an email to be able to reach as many users as possible. For any help queries, it’s best to contact our support team via this link. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.