Feature request: Dynamic Paycycle following scheduled payments

Hi, I think it would be great to be able to define the Paycycle around scheduled payments. The simplest would be to start the paycycle when my salary gets paid or a more complex set of conditions like multiple payments (salary in and bills out).

Maybe set a fallback fixed date paycycle in case the scheduled payment doesn’t arrive, or arrives late.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @inakiabadia

Thanks for your feedback and it is a great suggestion.

This is something we are actively working on at the moment as we agree that setting up pay cycles can be complex and confusing. The way we are looking at it is allowing you to select which salary/income you have and having the biggest one be the seed for your pay cycle. We will then look to get feedback and hopefully build on it in the future.

We are hoping to start pushing out some of the early parts of it in the next couple of weeks if all our internal development and testing goes to plan.

Head of Engineering

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Can we have more flexibility in defining the paycycle too?

If I want to set it as the last 6 days of the month, this is not possible.