Feature Request - Have a Account to hold Shares linked to Live Pricing

One feature I am missing with MoneyDashboard is the ability to track the value of my shares. As a simple solution, could we not have a manual account that allows a share symbol to be input and then on refresh MoneyDashboard could do a look-up against Yahoo (for example) and pull back the price and apply that to the accounts balance.

Obviously it can get much more complex than that with tracking performance over time, multiple shares, etc. but for now a simple account per share with an auto update of the balance would be a real advantage

I keep getting drawn back to MoneyHub as it handles all investments and shares automatically, but then I am drawn back to MoneyDashboard as it is much better to use :slight_smile:



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hey Phil,

It’s a good suggestion as we’d love to get investments onto the platform. It seems there are a couple of options:

  1. Web scrape the accounts
  2. Take the live pricing to enable ‘virtual portfolio tracking’ (doesn’t count fees)
  3. Build out manual accounts (user inputs)
  4. Wait for open finance… It’s expected that these connections will be mandated in a couple of years.

What connections are you able to get on MoneyHub out of interest? I tried a while back and couldn’t connect. I assumed the connection was aspirational as oppose to functional! Be interesting to hear your experience.

As a minimum (and as a quick development option) I would be happy with a “Share Account” type, that allow a share symbol to be entered (e.g., BARC.L for Barclays) and the number of shares held. MoneyDashboard would then just do an automatic lookup (or on refresh) against say Yahoo Finance and then set the balance. No transactions required. Having a link on the account to take you to Yahoo Finance (or such) and display the share so you can see performance over time would be a nice thing to add.

A full link to investment accounts would be great when available, but short-term the above would be a massive improvement.

With Moneyhub I can connect to all my investment accounts and savings; these being Hargreaves Lansdown who hold my shares; NS&I for both Premium Bonds and Investment Bonds and Fidelity for my investments. All work without problem with MoneyHub.

Any chance of the quick fix ?


ahh that is interesting. I’ll need to check these connections.

Pulling data back from Yahoo Finance isn’t that straight forward as we’d likely need some kind of licencing agreement to consume the data.

We could add a field/ description into the offline accounts to document the performance and holding? Would this be helpful?

A short, shorter term option is two input fields (Current Price and Number Held) then automatically calculate the balance. Takes some of the pain away until a more streamlined option could be introduced.

Does this make sense ?

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Not sure if this helps - https://towardsdatascience.com/best-5-free-stock-market-apis-in-2019-ad91dddec984

Nice thanks for the heads up!

How about someone mocks up an example in google finance and shared that template on the forum to get ideas if something similar could be added to MD?

If there was an option to upload trades by csv, then I’m sure it might get some activity on the forum to help convert feeds from 212 etc to upload into MD?

It would be good to see investments and everything in one place.

The solution I have at the moment is I have manual balances for those accounts that I update once in a while.