Feature Request - Have a newly imported transactions “inbox”

One feature I loved with Moneyhub is that it has an inbox of newly imported transactions so you can see new transactions from your connected accounts and you can edit them or mark as “accepted”. This is a great way of keeping on top of a busy account.

Can MoneyDashboard have a similar feature; even just a per transaction boolean flag that can be set to say Pending or Accepted? This could then be included in the transactions filters and (ideally) have its own view to show all pending transactions.

Would be a real help.



Thanks, I’ve added this to the idea section of the product roadmap.

When building Neon we were trying to get away from having to manually check every transaction. Our goal was to make the categorisation so good that users could see there spend automatically categorised at a higher level. It’s therefore interesting feedback.

Would you want this more on the web platform or mobile?

Be useful to know if anyone else would value this feature?

Web platform for me as I don’t use the mobile app (on my iPad I just use the web app).

To me I still need to get the rule matching to work properly to change categories on new transactions (not working for me yet for some reason) and then I need to amend the description for each transaction (can’t see how to do that automatically); so having an inbox would work well to highlight what I need to look at.

Also, given the increasing amount of fraud these days, I would still check all transactions to be sure they are all valid, so having the Edit or Accept check that MoneyHub provides would be a good tool against fraud.

I assume that you could make this and on/off option, so if people didn’t want to use this they could set it to automatically accept all transactions (could be made the default state so existing users don’t get impacted)

Does this make sense?


I’d also really like to see that.

I have two reasons for it:

Firstly, being new to Money Dashboard, it would help me until I grow confident into their automated categorisation.


Also, given the increasing amount of fraud these days, I would still check all transactions to be sure they are all valid

Thanks, I’ve added this to the Product Roadmap for voting.

We’re due to send an email to all Money Dashboard users either tomorrow or early next week highlighting that the product roadmap is available in the app. Users will be encouraged to vote so will be interesting to see the results!

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I think this is a really good idea as for me, not all transactions are labelled correctly and I’ve added some custom categories as some of the current ones are too high level for me.
At the moment I have to scan recent transactions a few times over several days to be confident I’ve caught everything new as different accounts take different lengths of time for transactions to be added in, so new ones often appear under dates I’ve previously checked.
This would make this process a lot quicker and easier for me.

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I’m another one who can’t rely on the auto categorisation: either it’s paypal, where you have no chance of getting it right, Zettle-style payments to small retailers which always show as transfers, or sometimes your auto-categorisation is just plain wrong.

To make sure I catch everything I make a point at going in at the start of the month and checking the previous month, but it means I can’t rely on the budgeting features - an inbox would significantly simplify my workflow.

Ok, good to get your feedback.

We’ve just released a new machine learning model to better tag transactions, but can see why Paypal and I-zettle transactions might be an issue. I’ll feed this back to the team.

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I use Moneyhub along with Neon and I do like the manual review of transactions on MH as, without it, stuff can get categorised wrongly (eg only I know how to allocate all my Amazon purchases!) and it also acts as a reminder of my outgoings and keeps me in touch with my spending much more so than a total figure.


I would appreciate this feature (and have up-voted the Trello ticket).

My use case is to have a tool that allows me to reconcile incoming transactions so that I can identify those that I do not recognise.

For example, a category like “Groceries” may have lots of small transactions, so it would be easy for small-value transactions to be lost in a rollup summary by category, and I would not want to have to search for transactions from the last date /time I logged in (if I can remember it)

This would be really useful if we can have these workflows:

  • Approve a single transaction
  • Approve a selection of transactions
  • Approve all transactions with a single click
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I would also like this function. Where is the MDB Trello board please? R-

Yep we’ve got this one logged, and likely will be prioritised soon. It should be fairly straight forward for us to do.

It has however thrown up a consideration of where the transactions should be placed given that we are building out the homepage to be more like a dashboard.

Why not have an “Inbox” that can show all transactions that need “confirming” ?