Feature request: hide accounts from dashboard

I subscribe to regular saving accounts every year with multiple banks because they offer higher interest rates. However this creates a multitude of dormant £0 saving account which polute my dashboard and the problem gets worse every year. Would it be possible to add a toggle to hide certain accounts from the dashboard while still retaining their history?


Already possible in Classic. Click on AccountsEdit Account → then as appropriate select Show in Sidebar AND/OR Include in Total Balances. No idea about Neon. R-

Thanks but that just excludes it from the total it doesn’t remove it from the dashboard.

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Ok, maybe I should have said deselect Show in Sidebar. It does work, I have done it. R-

That doesn’t seem to work in the app though. They are still visible.

I see. I have only done that [don’t show on sidebar] on the web version. On iOS apps it seems you click on the account then EDIT ACCOUNT where you will see a toggle to not show in accounts total. R-

I have a similar strategy with a similar requirement, believe me it doesn’t exist either in the Classic or Neon Android versions of the App.

Hi - sorry for the late reply, but on Neon you can mark an account as closed. Click on the account, then the three dots in the top right hand corner. Select mark as closed.

It then displays the closed accounts at the bottom of the accounts page.