Feature request: multiple spending plans

I’ve seen this feature request mentioned by someone else on the Trello board, but it was in a comment on a card in the Live section “Budgets: Spending Plan & Budgeting” and unless I’m missing something, it’s not yet a feature so I wanted to highlight.

I would like different Spending Plans to toggle between, I also have joint and personal accounts and I manage the spending separately. At the mo, I have the MD Spending Plan set up for just the joint account and budget my personal accounts offline with a spreadsheet - it would be a real timesaver would be if I could ditch that too.

N.B. if you did offer multiple Spending Plans I would probably have one joint, one personal and one that combined everything.


Thanks for the comments… Interesting piece of feedback. It’s not something which is currently prioritised, but we’ve taken a note.

One solution which is not ideal is to set up a couple of Money Dashboard accounts. You will need two different emails but can use the same phone number.