Feature Request - Nested Sub-Categories

It would be beneficial to have the ability to nest spending categories in addition to the existing request on this board “Feature Request - Rename default categories”.

  1. Enable the renaming of any spending categories
  2. Enable the deletion of any spending category
  3. Enable category nesting:

8 Transport
8.1. Car
8.1.1. Fuel
8.1.2. Maintenance
8.1.3. Tax/ MOT
8.1.4. Insurance
8.2. Public Transport
8.2.1. Train
8.2.2. Bus

  1. When I select to view a category such as transport, it shows the rollup of all costs - but it also enables me to drill down. To nest categories like this would enable folks to see overall category cost fluctuations over time as well as specifics. i.e. maintenance costs on my car.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, it’s been passed on to the development team.

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Thanks Chris and Ian - I second this suggestion!