Feature Request - Rename default categories


Hopefully this is the right place to put this - didn’t want to add a random comment on the Trello board or create a support ticket for this!

It would be great if you can edit the names of the default categories in Neon, as sometimes my transactions get placed into the default categories (some of which I do not use). For example, the ‘shopping’ category is way too broad for my budgeting purposes so I don’t use it - everything you buy is technically ‘shopping’ - so I use custom categories like ‘clothes’, ‘books’, ‘hobby accessories’ etc. and if I could rename ‘shopping’ to one of these then it would be one less bit of clutter in the application.

I’d welcome any feedback on this feature request or a comment if this ticket has already been raised and closed. Thanks for all of the work you do MoneyDashboard team!

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