Feature Request - Smart Scheduled Payments

Hello all! I have been using Neon for a while now and I am very happy in the direction it is going, particularly this forum for users to submit feedback and new ideas!

One thing that I have noticed on scheduled payments is although we can schedule income and expenses monthly on a particular date, there is the issue of when transactions transact a day or 2 early/late because it is a weekend.

Example, my salary is paid on the 28th of every month, but, if the 28th occurs on a weekend, then it is paid the Friday before. This is similar for other transactions like bills.

Have we thought of this feature where we tell the system that the payment is made on this day of the month, but if it is a weekend, then it is paid the Friday before or the Monday after?

Apologies is has been mentioned before, but when I read through the latest planner feature with forecasting, this was not mentioned and I hope to see it happening to allow for a more accurate reflection of transactions. thanks!


Yes, we are planning to introduce this soon. The designs have been completed to give the flexibility to align schedule payment dates to various scenarios; e.g. last Friday of the month, last working day. The functionality will look very similar to how users can select paycycle dates.

We have developed a new system to generate scheduled payments. This system needs to be released before we can make these changes so essentially were blocked until the release of this new back end system. We thought it would have been completed by the end of June, but ran into some hiccups.