Feature Request: Spread a Payment

I use this app to track my joint credit card spending and the split feature is really handy so I can see what purchases are mine to pay off and what are my other half’s.
It would be really helpful to have a spread option though. So you can choose a transaction and split it across different months. So you can see how much you have to pay off from that purchase each month. Rather than paying everything off each month, it would keep track of the purchase you are choosing to spread out the cost of

Hope that makes sense, it’s my first trello post :flushed:

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Hi @Bethany_Tabeart , welcome to Money Dashboard!

I think the feature you’re looking for exists already, even if it’s a little bit of a manual process just now. You should be able to split a transaction multiple times, then edit the date of each split transaction so you can have it appear each month. Eg take a £300 transaction, split it to 3 x £100’s, then edit the dates of 2 of them to be +1 month in the future?

In our upcoming Planner release we’ll also have the ability to create Manual Schedules. These will allow you to create a scheduled payment that is not tied to an actual transaction, so you could create a hypothetical recurring payment that would appear in your spending plan.

Hope this helps!

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Hi thanks for getting in touch,

I can split a transaction and edit the amounts and the name of it but I didn’t have anywhere that I could edit the dates of it? Do you have to split it first to edit the date?


Beth Tabeart


Hi @jon-turnbull :point_up: :point_up:

Yes you need to split the transaction before you can edit the date.

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