Feature request: Support multiple budgets against a single category

I would like to be able to create:

  • Multiple items under Spending Plan for the same category, AND/OR
  • Different values for a single category per month

Use cases are:

  • For Vehicles, I have a monthly budget of X to cover fuel, but I also know that I will spend Y in March for vehicle taxes, Z for vehicle maintenance in December, and ZZ for vehicle servicing in January. I do not want to create multiple categories.

  • For Giving, I know that at predetermined months throughout the year we will allocate money to purchasing birthday presents, christmas presents, easter, etc. For example, I want to put £20 against Bob in January for his birthday, £20 for Jane’s birthday in March, and £20 each for Bob and Jane in December for Christmas.

I have seen your sub categories BETA feature, and can see how this would work if I could create my own sub categories of Giving in conjunction with being able to allocate different amounts to a single category throughout the year.

E.g. I would like to put £20 against Bob’s category in January and December, not have to create a “Bob - Christmas” category and a “Bob - Birthday” category.

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Thanks for the feedback. Would creating custom payments for those months work for you?

We are due to look at annual budgets very soon from a product discovery perspective so this feedback helps.

HI @iainnib what did you have in mind? Is that something that’s there at the moment?

I’m hoping for something “hands-off” after it’s set up, so that I can plan different payment amounts for a given category in different months for the year ahead.

E.g. spending on Gifts is planned ahead - we know that we will need to plan for a higher Giving value in December, and a lower Giving value in January, and nothing in March.


We are working on a feature which allows users to add custom scheduled payments to a forecast. You can see screenshots of this in the comments below.


A custom scheduled payment could be a payment which is considered outside of normal budgeting like a car MOT, or birthday gifts etc.

We thought this would have been released by now but it’s blocked by a new back end service that we need to release first. The service better estimates scheduled payments.