Feature request - transaction notes/comment

Is it possible to hold a note or comment against a transaction as I often forget what I bought, especially with a merchant like Amazon, etc, would be good if I could just write a quick note to myself for what the transaction was.


I second this, I have plenty of transactions from eBay and Amazon that can be anything, so would be great to note what they are.


Exactly this, equally you can buy almost anything at Tesco or Argos.

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I have asked for this to be included virtually since the beginning of MDB, but nothing has ever happened except a response from whoever was in charge of media at the time thanking me for the idea.
In other words … Don’t hold your breath on this one. I find it a really obvious addition but I seem to be in a minority of 1.


Totally agree. Very needed


Until this is delivered I’m using a workaround. You can edit the description of the transaction. I just append what I bought to the existing description.


Completely agree. Comments box for each transaction,please, to remind me what certain individual transaction are.

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Taking this even further would be tagging, e.g with Christmas coming up I like to see how much I’m spending on Christmas in particular where the transactions may fall into different categories e.g. groceries and shopping. I recently switched from Yolt and this for me is the only missing feature.

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