Getting the Balance on a specific date?

I might be missing something, but how do I find out what my available balance on a specific date was?

For example, I want to know what the spending plan balance was on the 1st June; but I can’t find anywhere that shows past balances

Is this possible?



You can drag your finger along the chart (mobile) to view how the balance has changed within the paycycle. Currently there is no option to view previous pay cycles but this functionality is being worked on.

On the web application you can also scroll along the chart.

Hope this helps Iain

Understand you can scroll along the chart, but you can’t find out the balance at the start of the payday cycle. It shows the balance on Day 1 minus/plus any transactions that happened on Day 1. So you have to resort to exporting to CSV and work it out.

Ideal answer is to be able to select any payday cycle in the same way as you can with the Overview view and add the “Starting Balance” to the “Summary Box” for the Spending Plan screen.


Any update on this - been a while since I replied.