Highlights from the "Navigating scary financial times" live event with Jason Butler and Fanny Snaith

Highlights of last week’s webinar with Jason and Fanny are now up in bitesize chunks on our blog. There’s a lot of helpful nuggets in there and we’ll be following up with some written content that answers the questions we didn’t quite get around to in the live event.

Check out the article for insights on the following:

  1. We WILL get through the financial uncertainty caused by Coronavirus
  2. Money and mental resilience
  3. Calming our mental state
  4. Fixed vs Growth mindset
  5. Four types of financial reality
  6. Borrowing money from family
  7. The power of talking about money
  8. The decisive hand
  9. Volatility in the stock markets
  10. Is it silly to start saving into an investment fund right now?
  11. I’ve agreed to buy a property, should I re-negotiate?
  12. Is it possible to combine pensions?
  13. Is there a good budgeting app out there?
  14. Should you swap pension funds right now?
  15. An opportunity to move forward
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We have now also added written answers to all of your questions (kindly written by Jason & Fanny) to our blog: