How do People Manage Credit Card Payments in Spending Plan?

Just wondering how people handle their Credit Card payments within the Spending Plan?

I am finding that as I spend using Credit Cards all the time and then pay off the following month, the Spending Plan is forever telling me I have run out of money; whereas I haven’t as the spend is sitting on “credit” and so I don’t actually spend it until I pay the credit card.

Given this, I can’t use the Spending Plan to know where I am during the month, so wondered how others manage this?

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I treat the money clearance of the cr card as a transfer. I await eagerly the ability to plan that payment in my spending plan

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I use the classic moneydashboard and use the planner to project my current account balance only. My core spending on my credit card is fairly constant so I include an estimate on the due date each month. When I put something exceptional on it such as car insurance etc I enter this on the due date as a single payment or recurring item if appropriate .Whe the statement is issued I will then adjust the forthcoming payment.
This gives me a pretty good idea of where my balance is going and I can then transfer or withdraw from my interest bearing account as necessary.


Not knowing the Classic version, can you enter one-off payments? On this version I can’t see anyway to enter one off scheduled payments or change the values of scheduled payments. Is this a difference between the versions ?

I have only played with the new one but the planning seems far more limited than the classic. It looks to me as if you can only add an existing payment as a future scheduled payment which is a severely limiting feature!

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Yep I am finding it very limiting :frowning:

I use Classic as my main money tracker - as marshallpr2 I have set Planner to include a monthly credit card payment at a highish level so that almost always my card spend is lower. Once card statement arrives I amend next months figure to the new balance.
Recently reinstated my Neon account as a fallback should Classic be terminated . You can exclude the negative card balance from your summary - account selection top right corner pull down . I am trialing using “Shopping” as a category just for Ccard spend. I think cc transactions then won’t count to your projected month end ( I could be wrong ! - or use transfer if this doesn’t work ) . Shopping budget set to a standard but high ccard balance ( similar to Classic ) - which will set aside your monthly payment.
Needless to say Classic is a far superior product .

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That’s what I do too, though one of my credit cards credits itself and then the Direct debit appears on my current account the next day so it looks for 24 hrs as if I’m a lot richer but it’s OK as I know what’s going on!