How much has eating out to help out cost you?

Myself, I think in general I’m in a lucky situation - forgetting the fact that a lot of things have had to be cancelled this year, I can generally work from home.

As a result, even before the government scheme, I felt I should help others by ordering out slightly more - takeaways essentially.

I’ve only just now used MoneyDashboard to have a look at what I’ve actually spent and gees!

41 Deliveroo’s
9 Domino’s
7 Just Eats
2 Papa Johns

So on average this year, that is 1.5 per week. Doesn’t seem that bad when you put it that way, until you look at when those orders took place - April onwards!

Needless to say, I will be using my review of spending through MD to cut back going forward!!!

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Interesting! I’m not quite on that level for takeaways but I’ve definitely seen my budget for them increase. However, with the money saved on not getting expensive lunches at work and generally going out less to the pub etc I’m happy to have made that adjustment!

Yeah that’s true, I partly seen it where I was saving elsewhere, I was effectively helping out others by increasing my spend. Its good that I can aggregate all my accounts and review this through the app.