How to correctly log investments in Money Dashboard?

Hi. I’ve been using Money Dashboard for a while I’m getting the hang of it, but I can’t figure out how to log my investments so they don’t show as negative.

I keep some cash as NS&I bonds and invest in ETFs through Vanguard.
I log both of these accounts as ‘offline’ accounts in my app and update the figure manually.

The problem is that whenever I make the transfer from my main account into those offline accounts it’s logged as a negative value (since it’s leaving my account). So my investments end up being in the negative for the month.

Is there anything I can do for these to show as positive investments?

Many thanks.

Sorry - just realised I should have used the word ‘savings’ rather than ‘investments’ to keep in line with the lingo used by MD (i.e. incoming, spending and saving)

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Look at your overview tab in the app as how you manage your cash flows, or pay check and it works of sorts.

You want your savings to then be negative so that your net spending is partly adding to your savings.

Edit. In hindsight I think I created a new ‘savings’ category and setup rules to move all forms of savings to that. If you do the same that might work?

Good to see others with similar issues to the ‘default’ setup and not just me.

Similarly you will need to add rules so that when some of your investment portfolios rebalance, the sales net off with the buys rather than being considered ‘income’. It’s totally stupid the default process but at least you can fix that.

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