How to get Budgets to pick up Credit Card Spend

Ok so first day with Money Dashboard.

Had to add this to General Finance Chat - I could not find a Money Dashboard Category which is surprising on a Money Dashboard Forum site?

I have setup all my accounts and credit cards.

I can see all the transactions.

We pay most non periodic payments using a credit card because it gives us air miles and pay off the credit card each month.

I set up a budget for say Groceries.

It does not see ANY Groceries transactions on the credit card so declares NO money has been spent on Groceries - when you look at the credit card you can see Grocery payments all over it.

How do I get MD to count in the credit card payments especially as they are labelled correctly as groceries?

Hi @Busta999, welcome to Money Dashboard!

Sorry to see you’re having a couple of issues. Can you try a couple of these ideas and see if anything helps?

  • Is your Credit Card included in the Spending Plan accounts? You can check this from the “Edit Plan” button on our desktop web app, or by tapping on the main balance on the App home screen and making sure the relevant accounts are selected.

  • Are your Groceries transactions set up as Scheduled Payments? A transaction that is set up as a scheduled payment will not appear in a budget. You can see scheduled payments by swiping up on home screen to see the transactions list then selecting the scheduled transactions row at the top. On web you can get to this by selecting the “regular payments” row item under your spending plan graph.

  • Are your grocery transactions correctly categorised as “Groceries”? You should be able to recategorise these manually, however if you still think something isn’t quite right then please give us a shout at and we can look into it.



Many thanks for responding - much appreciated :slight_smile:

I spent a day working with MD and reached the conclusion that MD is not for us.

Many thanks


Good all you done was moan anyway. Goodbye

@bwhittington43 Thank you for your contribution :slight_smile: