Impact of Coronavirus on the UK Property Market

With a lock-down in the UK now in place, let’s look at the impact of Covid-19 for both landlords and tenants.

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Thanks for sharing. A good recap for both sides of the equation.

All agents cannot visit the property for valuation, People are not allowed to visit, not allowed to put any offer, not allowed to move in/out, banks are pulling out high LTV mortgages, people who had AirBnb flats renting it for long-term.

So yeah things are a tight bit difficult at the moment for people trying to buy or rent.
Not sure what impact it would have on rent or buying prices.

It seems that a lot of Airbnb inventory is moving back to the rental market :

Yeah but probably temporarily…

@Jonathan @ludofarine thank you for reading and commenting…agree it is important to try and stay calm and observe the impact on all sides of the equation

And the numbers about the impact of Coronavirus on the UK property market are starting to be available:

Me and my partner are in the process of buying a house, so everything is on hold at the minute. Got as far as obtaining a mortgage, instructing solicitors and a surveyor but the surveyor has not been able to go out to complete a structural survey.

Congrats for the new house @stecoxy87

it seems that the whole property market in the UK is frozen at the moment (understandably)

This article is very useful and includes a calculator to check by how much your repayments will increase due to a mortgage holiday