John Lewis Partnership Mastercard

Could you add this card please

John Lewis do not have an Open Banking API in place and instead have opted for a Modified Customer Interface (MCI). The MCI option is not an Open Banking API (which provides a read-only feed of the transaction/balance data separate to the customer’s main online banking access). The MCI is instead a variation of a credentials sharing/screen-scraping connection that accesses specifically authorised/selected accounts via the customer’s main online banking login. While both processes are permitted by the PSD2 regulations, the vast majority of banks are opting for Open Banking APIs, and only a small handful such as John Lewis have gone for the MCI option. Metro Bank and Co-operative/Smile are the only other main providers who have taken the MCI route.

As the majority of our resources have had to be focused on the massive task of enabling Open Banking APIs, we do not have the facility to perform screen-scraping and storage of user credentials from within our application (ie, connect with MCIs) at this time. What is most frustrating is all the other brands in the HSBC Group (HSBC, First Direct, M&S) are providing an Open Banking API for their accounts, so we don’t understand why their John Lewis brand is opting for MCI instead. I’m afraid because of this we are no longer able to support John Lewis credit card, and unfortunately there are no timescales for being able to support them again.