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Firstly, welcome to everyone visiting this community for the first time!

We’ve made this community available as we want to use it to distribute new resources, for example blog articles, commentary from experts and practical guidance towards good personal finance management to help people requiring support at this time.

Hear from the experts!

At 1.30pm, Friday 27th March, join money experts Fanny Snaith and Jason Butler as they host a live webinar. Over 60 mins they’ll cover a range of money-related issues including:

  • How to develop mental resilience to cope with financial stress so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • A simple framework for thinking about your financial position to help you decide on your priorities
  • Actions, tips and ideas that might help you maximise your financial wellbeing

Save your seat by registering here.

Join the discussion:

We’ve been busy sharing some great resources that have helped us and should help you too. Let us know what you think in reply to our posts:

  1. How to prepare for a recession [+including tips specific to the Coronavirus]
  2. Tips for working from home
  3. Managing Coronavirus-related fear and anxiety

For this to be a useful resource, we need your contributions too. If you come across valuable information relating to personal finance and how people can approach money in the lead up to a possible economic downturn, please share it in this channel. To create a post, hit the Sign Up’ button at the top of the screen, then ‘+ New Topic’.

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