Life Hacks to Trim Unnecessary Spending

The economic crisis has created a volatile landscape which has been impossible to navigate through. Maintain a feeling of control over our money is currently an up-hill battle with little relief. That being said there is one thing we can control; our spending.

What we choose to spend our money on is 100% our decision. Therefore I have applied new rules to cut unnecessary spend to ensure I have enough to see me through these rainy days.

Let me share them with you

… keen to hear yours too!

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No time for takeaway…that includes Coffee!

I was never a big advocate for ordering-in. Don’t get me wrong I see the benefit of ‘finger-licking-good’ food delivered to your door and zero dirty dishes, (win). But generally I have found that whipping-up a stir-fry, an omelette or an easy pasta dish is generally quicker, cheaper and healthier all round!

Plus with all this time on our hands it is prime-time to try out some new dishes. And for those who are no Casanova in the kitchen I would recommend Jamie’s 5 Ingredients Quick and Easy Food Book or similarly the BBC Good Food 5 Ingredients or Less to help keep it simple.

As for coffee though? I feel your pain.

I was fast approaching the ‘takeaway-once-a-day’ camp…and it gave me great pleasure! However in light of lockdown, I have turned my attention to more low-key solutions (filter). It is not all that bad…especially when you see yourself pocketing the difference. By my calculation I would save £750 a year. This is a pretty decent flight somewhere …and who doesn’t deserves a holiday once this is all over?

Recently added Cafédirect Machu Picchu to my Amazon basket. Any other recommendations welcome!


Optimised your supermarket visits

As we now know a ‘quick-trip’ to the shops is a thing of the past… staying 2 meters from every moving thing really does slow down the process! As such, make the most of your visit and your spending. Start by planning your meals for the week in advance and making a shopping list. Once you are there ensure that you stick.

No bulk buying or unnecessary spend - you do not need it.

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Less of the Big Brands

Big food brands are great, they offer a sense of comfort and familiarity - yet is this worth the cost? I have found that shop-bought/own-brand alternatives can be less that half the price … so why not pocket the difference? Majority of the time I have been satisfied with these alternatives and fail to notice the difference, (except for cut-price mayo).

!Wee tip! If you are struggling to find ‘own brand’ products then look down. Supermarkets tend to tuck these options away to increase spend-per -customer. Beat them at their own game…it feels good when you do!

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Use the energy that you need

If you are at home (which you should be, #stayhome) … How many lights do you have burning? Likely it is one too many. This is burning excess energy that you don’t need. Be mindful of the energy that you consume in your space especially while working from home. When making a brew, do you really need to be using the full kettle? Nothing comes for free! That being said it may also be time to re-asses your energy provider during your downtime to see if there are some saving to be made on your bill(s)

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Get creative, learn a new skill!
What better time to pick-up new hobbies that when you are on lockdown.

For me it has been sewing. I found a rip in my jeans last week, (facepalm) yet before jumping online to find a quick-fix replacement (£45), I turned my attention to my small sewing kit (£5 from Tiger). It worked wonders. There are also some helpful youtube guides if you are not fully confident in your skills