Mark transactions as savings?

So I bank with Monzo and have the transaction rounding feature. Is it possible to mark those transactions as income/savings rather than spending?

I already categorise these transactions as “Savings” but it’s calculated/report/analysed as expenditure by Money dashboard.


I think the main problem is Monzo don’t give us a corresponding incoming transaction into the savings pot, only the outgoing round-up amount. This means that there is no way for you to see an incoming transaction to apply the Savings/Income categories to, so if you’re categorising these round-up items as Savings then unfortunately it will show it as expenditure in the reporting.

You should have another word with Monzo @IanT. They do it just fine for Nova Money, and the transaction shows -/+ against the account/pot giving a net zero result. R-

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Should have added that Nova also have a transaction identifier of “Internal Transfer” - just to make it crystal clear. All available on the free version.

Not connected in any way, just passing it on.