Missing transaction

I made a £5000 payment from my Barclays account to my chip account via the Chip app.
Whilst Money Dashboard shows a correct lower total balance in my Barclays account, no transaction details are showing.
Any ideas why?

I ‘suspect’ it’s similar to some of mine - transactions still ‘pending’ or not fully settled are not picked up.

The fact you’re correct balance including pending settlements is showing, is because that’s what your bank has chosen to share.

Might be wrong but hope this helps!

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The transaction has now appeared - only took it a week to show though the correct balance showed almost immediately.
Thanks ever so much for looking at my query.

I honestly don’t believe this is MdB’s fault, even tho it is frustrating.
I notice with most of these “investment” companies it takes at least 5 working days from when your money moves from your bank account to it being accepted by the Investment company, in your case Chip. All this time it is a “pending” transaction that MdB cannot read.

Where in the ether it disappears in the meantime? Your guess is as good as mine.