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Hello everyone,
I am a MDB Classic user struggling to get my head around the transition to Neon (and how it can be regarded as an improvement).
I am looking for a user forum.
This doesn’t seem to be it. Can anyone kindly point me in the right direction?

Unless I’m missing something, there is not a separate section solely for ‘Neon’.

Its a good idea though, to have a separate section for Neon, for people to discuss how best to set it up, as I don’t think any of the software out there is perfect.

I would suggest, if all your accounts can use open banking, then you have your answer, give it a go. The old classic or Neon are far from perfect, but its a free product end of day.

The only way for it to get better, is for users to provide feedback, and potentially vote up/down developments in my opinion.

Hi Rick,
MDB have said in the past that they have no plans to close down the Classic version. I suspect they have heard overwhelmingly that existing users (& investors) were attracted to MDB in the first place for the very features that the Neon version does not adequately reproduce.
Personally I use Neon on my phone to provide a quick refresh that tells me which accounts have moved at a glance, and then I can choose to go online on the laptop and update Classic if I wish. Apart from the ease of a one button refresh I am not aware of any other Neon advantage.
It may be that Neon is simply a product aimed at a different sector of the market.

Thanks Richard and Richard!
Actually I wasn’t looking specifically for a user forum for specifically the Neon product: more for MDB full stop. It seems this forum contains money management advice rather than topics relating to the use of MDB classic / neon.

Ask questions away on the use of MDB. I use it as a basic budget/monitoring tool. As I said, the rules in Neon are decent, and the former once they are setup. It gives me a high level insight to my spending each year, and that’s what I use it for, to consolidate and provide an overview of what I spend across all my accounts.

Problems I do have, is when say I pay off my credit card, the payment date of my payment and receipt do not align.

Hello @PickleRick, our help articles might be beneficial if you were looking for content on how it’s best to set up and use the app.

Here are a few topics I think might be helpful on Neon:
Setting up Spending Plan and Budgets
Setting up your paycycle and transactions
Scenario guides on using Money Dashboard Neon

But you will find all our Neon help articles here.

As for Classic, you will find the help articles here.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi Adrienne,

I’d love to know whether MDB Classic is still being developed, or are your intentions to focus on Neon as your sole product in development going forward?

Many thanks,

I personally suspect they are hoping that everyone will eventually move over to Neon. Sean MDB was really good on these forums, but since he left, they seem to be a lot quieter.

They have been promising to put Nutmeg onto Classic, since they put it onto Neon about nine months ago. I got sick of asking on the progress, as you would just get the same stock answer.

I pointed out because of OB, I have a lot of manual accounts, and they have no order, you would presume alphabetically, so makes it very awkward look down them, especially as one from the same manual bank could be at the top as well as the bottom

It would be nice if they could say what functionality, fixes etc are outstanding and if users could vote them. Then they would know what is important to users/investors.

I also asked if you could tag certain transactions to a manual account. That and if we could create a ‘want list’.

Ideally, when you start typing in a manual account, it auto searches through names of other peoples accounts(potentially).

That way they could track the most popular accounts missing to add in order of priority.

Hi @PickleRick, we are currently focusing on developing Neon further in terms of new functionality but we are still doing bug fixes for Classic and new account connections will be added to Classic as well.

Hi @Adrienne. I have been watching Money dashboard for a few months whilst using another Budgeting App. I am pleased to say thatI have moved over to using Neon now following your recent updates. Like other users it would be nice to know what improvements are in the pipeline. My first request would be for a transfer facility to off-line accounts.


Hi @RodFJH that’s really great to hear! We’ve just released a few changes today to the Spending Plan set up journey and improved the Paycycle flexibility. We are very close to releasing the ability to edit and delete custom categories. The transfer facility to off-line accounts is not currently on our roadmap but I’ll pass the request on!

Hi Adrienne,

Would it be possible to post the road-map/ share it with the forum?


Hi @ShrewdDude, we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, but due to our start up nature, our strategy is shaped my many different factors and can change easily. We’ll very likely make amendments to our roadmap early in the year so unfortunately we don’t have a finalised one that we could share right now.

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Erm a little concerned that as an investor, MD is still considered a ‘startup’.

Have we not been going for 10 years?

Hi @richarddougal I was referring to our nature of changing priorities quickly and adapting our strategy as we focus on growth.