Multiple income

Hello, I work 4 part-time jobs all paid on different cycles. And on pays cash weekly so it would require manual transactions, how on earth can I mange this in the moneydashboard app ??

A. I cant see how to add manual transactions (for my cash income, for example)
B. I cant see how to add multiple employers and their payment cycles

Could it be after spending boxing day setting this up, that the app may not assist me in managing my money.

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Hi, I believe the response to this has been covered in a support request that was subimitted.

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not had a reply from my support request

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Well why not just post the reply here? @IanT If you don’t mind me enquiring.

Because these aren’t support pages. We might answer some generic help/how-to sorts of queries or point users in the direction of relevant help articles, but we’re unable to provide detailed user-specific support here on the public forums for privacy reasons. Support queries are best sent to rather than posted in the forums.