Open Banking Issues?

Morning all.

In the past week I’ve had issues with two different institutions connecting to MB. Basically they expired and I couldn’t re authenticate them.

I did the old delete the accounts and add them back in, which wasn’t too much of a faff, but one of them is now unlinked again.

I would suspect the issue is on this side rather than the other. Am I the only one experiencing this?

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I have been having issues with connections “expiring” when they have only been in place for 10 days or so. Only fix I found was go to the Bank’s site and remove the connection permission for MDB, then go back to MDB and then reconnect. Works without having to delete the account from MDB

I am sure the problem is with MDB, as MoneyHub never drops the connection and works when MDB fails. It is an assumption mind, MH may be doing it a different way.

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Thanks will try that and see if that works too. Wonder if it’s a token or something being deleted on this end. I’m finding the reconnect just blanks out at the moment :upside_down_face:

@Phil89a @richarddougal Can you both throw in a ticket to support and we can have a look at it. I know there are some Open Baking connections that we have been having intermittent issues with. Would be great to find out where it is failing though and get that resolved or add it to our list of evidence for the connections we are having issues with.

Ticket has already been raised - #271816

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I have had an open ticket for failure to connect issues with Coutts &Co for a number of months now. It authenticates through Coutts online but then doesn’t connect in MDB. Initially there was a “it is is a problem affecting lots of people and we are looking into it” response from MDB but for several weeks there has just been silence and no responses to chasing. Could someone please reply to these questions:
do you know what the problem is, are you fixing it and when will it work in Neon?
(and when will it work in classic)
If any other users have made it work please let me know.

I’m having this issue now, with 3 of my accounts. It’s very frustrating.
Can’t believe something like this is still not fixed?

I’m afraid we’re unable to provide detailed user-specific support here on the public forums for privacy reasons. Could you please email us at with more information on the problem, or if you’ve already sent us a ticket please let us know the ticket number so we can locate it?