Our next release - The Planner

We’d like to share a bunch of upcoming features we’ve been working on with you for both our Neon Mobile App and Neon Web App.

  1. Improved Spending Plan setup

  2. Improvements to Scheduled Payments

  3. Manual Scheduled Payments

  4. The Planner

Improved Spending Plan setup

As a new user to the app you’ll eventually be asked to set up your Spending plan. As an existing user, when this feature goes live we’ll ask you to go through this setup one more time just to double check everything is as it should be.

After selecting your Spending plan accounts you’ll be asked to select your Main income. Pick from a list of recent incoming transactions that best describes your “Main” income.

Using your main income we can calculate your paycycle and fill this out for you. Something not quite right? Maybe you’d like to change this to your liking? That’s fine. Your paycycle can be modified here, or through the Spending plan screen later.

After you’ve selected all of your scheduled payments you’ll be presented with a summary screen showing a review of the setup. You can go back and change anything here, or Confirm setup to continue your journey.

Improvements to Scheduled Payments

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve the accuracy of our scheduled payments. You’ll be glad to know that we will be including working day adjustments and other advanced frequencies for your payments.

New frequencies will match up with paycycles offering these new options:

  • First/Second/Third/Last instances of day per month (including working day);

  • Working day adjustments

We’ve also improved the usability around managing both individual Payments, and the Schedule that they belong to.

When you tap on a payment you’ll see a new screen just for it. You’ll be able to edit the amount, the date this payment lands on, and the ability to mark it as paid or unpaid.

You can also go to this payment’s Schedule from the View schedule button - where you can see all of these upcoming payments and edit the entire schedule including it’s Description, Amount, Category, and Frequency rules.

Manual Scheduled Payments

So you want to forecast something that you don’t have a transaction for? We’ve been working on Manual Scheduled Payments for this very occasion.

You will be able to create an entirely manual payment, with many customisations such as it’s description, category, frequency.

This will be included in your Spending plan and your Planner. Use it to forecast upcoming spending - maybe you’re buying a new car and want to see how much it will affect your upcomings?

The Planner

And our biggest new feature - The Planner. We’re adding this new screen which will allow you to forecast your finances 3, 6, or 12 months in the future.

It will be accessible from your primary navigation menu on both mobile and web.

View your finances on a line graph showing your trends.

View all the upcoming payments in a list underneath the graph, tapping into them to view and edit in detail, updating the graph in realtime.

Toggle your accounts and scheduled payments (by default we’ll show your Spending plan accounts) to filter the views and map out different scenarios.

So that’s it for now. We hope you like what you see and we can’t wait to release it for you. Work is progressing very nicely and we’d love to hear what you think!


Bring it on - sounds excellent and can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:


All looks nice and clean! Will this release also finally give us the ability to set budgets with an annual frequency rather than a maximum of monthly?


Hi @Robsmith

This won’t be included in this release but it’s something that’s on list to tackle after this is out.


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Will the Manual Scheduled Payments be matched automatically when the real payment actually comes out? a constant bugbear of mine is not being about to tag transactions as soon as I’ve made them because they take 2-4 days to come through from the bank, meaning MD doesn’t know the money’s been spent and I often forget to tag them when they do come through. maybe Manual Scheduled Payments means I can get ahead of the curve

Hi @lazallen

These will be used for more as a modelling/prediction for spending plan and planner, so they won’t match automatically although they will automatically stopped being included after the date.

With transactions coming in and you not seeing them for a few days is down to the transaction status. At the moment pending transactions are collected but are currently not visible in the front end as they’re having issues reliability matching the pending and booked transactions. Hopefully we’ll have this finished soon and we’ll only be up to 4 hours behind your bank.


I just signed in and all my scheduled payments were gone. Might that have been a bug caused by these changes?

I could go through and add them again but that seems a bit pointless if I’m going to be asked to do so again once this launches.

Hi @andinorthrop

Can you message our support team and we can look into it.

It won’t be caused by these changes as we haven’t released any of it into our production environment yet. Although our old series system is very unreliable and we have seen times in the past where it has lost peoples series which is why we rebuilt it. If it has lost them we can move you across to the new system just for series as everyone will be moved over shortly and it is a lot better and discovering series.


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Will do, thanks Liam :heart:

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Just noticed all my Scheduled Payments have also gone. Ticket raised to support.

@Phil89a I have discovered what it is. I am in the progress of fixing it for everyone


Thanks for fixing. Just wanted to say that I’m really looking forward to these changes for scheduled payments. They look like they’ll be really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Didn’t fix it for me - the payments are back, but only 4 out of many are being included in the spending plan - so no idea what my forecast is now :frowning:

This happened to me so I put them all in again and the next day the originals reappeared and so I had duplicate scheduled payments. Still, it gave me a chance to rationalize how I had categorized some of them.

Hoping we are set for the big release this week?! :star_struck:

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Any confirmation of this release being on track?

Really need the ability to add manual one-off payments. My finances are currently going through a real complicated phase and I am hurting not being able to plan fully :frowning_face:

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Christmas 2022. Hang in there buddie! :sweat_smile:

We’re glad to see you’re keen for the Planner! Unfortunately it won’t be released this week as we’re still working on some last minute tweaks and a final round of internal QA before it’s ready for everyone. Please bear with us just a little while longer.

On the bright side, we can almost guarantee it’ll be done before Christmas 2022 :wink:

Please look forward to the Planner release coming in mid October (2021)