Overview Category

Not sure if this is possible and where I can find it, but I would like to see my overview categories by the groupings that I give them in the spending plan as well as the category associated to the transaction. i.e. I have a spending plan for my daughter that has about 4 categories in, I can only seem to see the 4 separate categories in the spending plan, I would like to see it as a full % spent instead of having to add up manually.

Please, give us the possibility to assign a transaction category to a specific OVerview section. Meaning, I want my Savings pot to be fragmented into multiple transaction type/categories (i.e. Long term savings, Short term savings, Investing, etc).
Or at least a clear division between investing and savings.


Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 13.45.27
Can we have the percentage figures added to the hover state of the Overview pies?

i.e. Spending: -£2,000 - Category hover: -£500 (25%)