Paid 4 weekly - how to manage

Hey guys , I’m currently trawling all the various budgeting apps to find something that will work for my teenage daughter . Recently started work but gets paid 4 weekly with bills that land monthly . She’s got herself in a muddle of not being able to accurately predict how much she can spend Due to her payday effectively moving every month .

I think MoneyDashboard might be the only one I’ve found that could help her with balance after bills or the planner … BUT I can’t seem to find a way to enter her payday ‘every 4 weeks’ … other than going through and adding schedules manually for the next few years is there a way to do this ?


I’ve sussed it … I was being dumb.

Think this is the one for her .

( is NEON feature bare compared to the original one or is it I just can’t find things ? )

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Neon is relatively light on features at the moment, but its a farily new product and they have been releasing new features quite frequently.

I’m not sure which feature you would like most, but Neon does have a feature of Balance After Bills which aims to estimate your incoming & outgoings until the end of the month. This could be quite useful for your daughter?

Thanks for the reply , I’ll have another dog into Neon then . She’s currently using the classic and the planner feature which is helping to see what she’ll have at a point in time and is finding it useful . I’ll take another look :+1: