Product Roadmap?

Hello, new user here, recently swapped over from Emma as I think your product is a little better.

Do you have a product roadmap, or any other way we can feedback on the direction of the MD?

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Hey Matt,

Great to hear you. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the direction of Money Dashboard? Do you have any features or improvements in mind? Also interested why you favour Money Dashboard over Emma.

We don’t have a public roadmap but are working on the following:

  • Ability to forecast finances beyond payday. This includes the ability to identify salary and adding manual scheduled payments.

  • Setting savings goals, hopefully by suggesting how much you can save based on bill payments and salary,

  • Account transfer. You can currently transfer money to and from accounts in the app, have you tried out of interest? We’re bringing this more predominately into the app and at a later date we’ll extend the functionality for specific use cases (paying into saving account)

  • Adding transactions to offline accounts

  • Energy bill switch journey coming into the app soon

Let us know what you think,



Just a note to say we’ll be releasing the product roadmap which will be linked to the profile area of the app in the next week or so. I’ll keep you posted.


Hello Iain,

I like the look of the road map.

I personally don’t have any experience of Emma yet I cannot comment on it.

Incidentally, the first time I heard of these budget apps was on article in the guardian app early on this year. I weighed up the different features and considered that money dashboard was a better option all round for me.

I am a gen x individual and the covid19 lockdown compelled me to try the Disruptive smartphone apps and now use the disruptive fintech Monzo, Nutmeg and Curve, etc. How behind the times was I? I am still reluctant to make payments and transfers using money dashboard though. It may be useful to have some easily accessible tutorials on how to use this feature and that security is assured?

I can see that Monzo and Curve are enabling additional budget features along with selling other added value products. I can therefore envisage a period of intense competition and consolidation in this digital space in the short to medium term. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and how will money dashboard adapt to the challenge.


Hi Iain,

Thanks for highlighting the above, look forward to the public roadmap.

Generally speaking, I found Emma quite childish, and targeted at students - and it seems like they are releasing features nearly every day which are not always well considered or well implemented. Whereas Money Dashboard seems slightly more thought through, powerful and better suited to those with multiple accounts and household finances / family etc.

Some observations on the product so far (about 2 months in)…


  • Good transaction searching and bulk changes
  • UX is logical and clear
  • I like that I can use the website for “power use”, and the app for quick actions
  • Spending Plan is intuitive to the way that I think about budgeting, as well as the Breakdown and Trends
  • Like adding/removing accounts to the spending plan
  • Trends are good, would prefer more around this


  • The scheduled payments matching is pretty hit & miss
  • Scheduled Payments count twice towards my overall spend at the start of each period, until they are paid. eg. My mortgage is included in Scheduled Payments AND my Mortgage budget until its paid, which means my Leftover calculation is out of whack for a few days.
  • The app crashes quite regularly for random reasons. Restarting it usually fixes it but not a good look for an AISP.
  • The regular session timeouts is a complete PITA. Can these been extended to at least 1 day (or ideally longer)
  • The only way I can use this with my wife to manage our household finances is to share a password, not great security practice.

My 2c on the general direction of the product, I’m not particularly interested in any PISP-style features such as money transfers between accounts. What I want out of a budgeting app is a powerful, automated view on our household finances across all our accounts (banking, credit, mortgage, investments etc), and any related ways you can save me money. FWIW the money-saving features in Emma paid for the Premium tier itself within the first month which was a great selling point. If I want to move money I’ll just use my bank app as I trust them more than I would ever trust you (apologies). But having said that, for the right app I would be more than happy to pay a monthly/annual subscription fee.

Hope this helps, if I think of any more feedback on the product I’ll add to this thread at a later date



@ross.brocklesby you should try Starling Bank.

It’s really simple and it’s savings pots(called spaces) link in to MoneyDashboard really well.

It’s a great all in one bank that helps to segregate funds for bills.

If you try and find a referral link, I think they plant a tree for each new user.

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Thanks Matt, really appreciate it.

Scheduled payments - Some good news on the scheduled payments front. We’ve developed a new service to address the performance issues you’ve experienced. This will be launched with the Planner feature (ability to forecast finances upto a year) in the next month.

Scheduled payments vs. budgets - Understand the confusion between the scheduled payments and category budgets. Do you have any suggestions on how to address this? I don’t include any scheduled payments in my budgets - I just reduce the budget amount down by the scheduled payment amount. For my mortgage I’ve also tagged this as a custom category ‘Mortgage’ and not set up a budget for this as I know it’s included in my scheduled payment.

App crashes - We’re working hard to resolve this. Should have vastly improved in the last 2 months, but agree we still need to make some improvements.

Regular session timeouts - Is this on web or mobile? I’ll check what they are set at and try increase. Are you using biometrics to login on the mobile? If not you can switch this on from the profile section of the app.

Thanks for your suggestions on the product direction. The team are aligned with your budgeting and money saving angle. The PISP is interesting for us as we believe we can help satisfy a range of outcomes related to bill payments and savings.

Is the product roadmap accessible via the original app? I tried to find on both android and Web app via settings but could not?

Sadly not it has only been added to Neon.

Hi Ian,

Scheduled Payments vs Budgets - I did consider this workaround, but I do like keeping visibility of most of my budgets/categories because they will be a mix of scheduled and non-scheduled payments. An example would be “Childcare”, because I know there will be a direct debit for fees each month, but also ad-hoc payments for holiday clubs etc. For arguments sake, my Childcare budget is set to £1000p/m or which £750 is scheduled, £250 is ad-hoc payments. As for how to address this - I guess the key is to only count a payment once. As you are looping through the budgets to forecast the remaining cashflow, then subtract payment values already counted in scheduled payments? Sounds easier then I suspect it probably is.

Session Timeouts - this is in reference to the web, I think its set to 20 minutes or something. Yes I use biometrics on the app.

Hope this helps

Thanks Matt… Yes, budgets vs. scheduled payments is a tricky one.

Maybe we could show the scheduled payment in the budget and have this clearly marked as a scheduled payment, but just don’t count this within the total spent within the budget. It could be shown both at the point of adding the category budget and tracking the budget going forward. We’ve taken a note to investigate this further.

Session timeout:
I’ve spoken to the team about the session timeouts on web. If you click ‘remember me’ on the login the timeout should last 1 hour. It will remember you for a month then you’ll need to click the button again.