Recording Savings especially ISAs etc

I am new here and apologies if this has already been answered.
At the moment I make a note of all family ISA’s which i take out every year and other savings accounts etc on a password protected spreadsheet which seems a bit old fashioned.
This is where I came across MoneyDashboard. I have not played with it yet but I have not noticed anywhere that mentions ISA’s when I searched so I thought I would ask the question here.
Does MD have facility to record Savings accounts especially ISA accounts with any notes etc ?
I am not bothered if these are connected and can be managed manually offline.
Initially I am looking to replace simple spreadsheet.
Once I become more confident then I would like to utilise other features on offter.
Hope you can help :slight_smile: :smile:

I have been using this app for ages, and wouldn’t be without it. I have 3 accounts which connect and update automatically, and have 10 accounts which I had added manually, and need to update manually. So you just need to click on the + sign and add an account, then give it a name like Fred’s ISA, and add in the total, then update manually as often as you like. There does appear to be a future update which is going to show the account value over time, which could be good if you have stocks and shares accounts. Mike

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Thanks for responding @mike.stephens09 and for the question @vinocalapso.

Yes, you can add these manually. Currently there is no ability to add notes to accounts but I’ve added this idea to our backlog so thanks for the suggestion.

We do intend to build out a ‘net worth’ tracking section allowing you to track how your net worth changes over time.


The net worth is the one addition that would make the app great.

At the moment I do a weekly export from the web based version, and import it into excel, a bit of a pain.

When we can download from Investment and pension accounts, that is when I will be really happy. Seems crazy I can download my Barclays accounts but can’t do the same for Barclays investments account.



Personally I keep ISA’s , Shares and SIPPs on a good ole’ spreadsheet and only manually add an instant savings account ( which used to update automatically beforehand ) .I am not convinced it buys a great deal having a load of manual accounts . All you are doing is putting a net total in one place. If manual transactions could be added - it might have some value . In terms of a net worth tracker - MD Classic does have a balance history which may do some of what what you require . It can only give a maximum 12 months view - which I guess is the issue . I am a great fan of MD Classic - but wasn’t impressed by MD Neon .