Save £100s on groceries - any takers?

My wife and I experimented recently by bulk buying at supermarkets (don’t judge, this was before Covid-19) with a view to cooking a bunch of family meals one weekend for the following fortnight.

It’s hard work when you’re cooking a lot of meals on a Sunday afternoon, but the reward of picking a homemade meal out the freezer during the week is incredible!

As a “side hustle”, I was thinking about publishing this “Easy Meals” plan to make it super easy for people to follow the same plan - it would list all the ingredients, the specific recipes etc. And most importantly, save you a lot of time and money.

I’d be happy to create this template and publish it for free if there is demand on this forum?

If I get at least 100 likes of this post that will be a reasonable show of demand… and I’ll do it!