Scheduled payments with incorrect Category


So MD has seen that I have an annual subscription to Audible - GREAT

But it categorises it as SHOPPING not Entertainment.

It will not let me change the incorrect category.

So I have deleted it so I can re-add it with the correct category.

But when I search transactions I find the last annual payment for Audible and try to add it a regular payment I get errors.

So Restarted browser and logged back in to MD - that now allowed me to enter the correct info.

Is is normal that this App requires frequent restarts to keep working?

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This doesn’t sound particularly normal Busta.
I’ve been using MB for a few years now and haven’t had this issue.

To change a transaction type in the app, navigate through the transactions and select the one you want to adjust (tap on the transaction on your phone). This should bring up a screen showing more details for the transaction. Here you will see the transaction type that has been allocated to the transaction. Tapping on this should bring up a screen where you change the transaction type

Hopefully that helps

I have the same issue

@ShrewdDude Thanks for replying much appreciated.

I ran into too many issues with MD and coupled with data privacy concerns I have closed it down.