Subcategories - Looking to testers and feedback

As the title suggest we’ve been playing around with adding subcategories to transactions and we are looking for some early testers of what’s been built so far. Please note that this is a work in progress BETA feature.

If you’re interested in getting early access please sign-up with your Money Dashboard email address here: Money Dashboard - Survey (sign-up now closed to new entries)

What are subcategories?
A second layer to tagging for your transactions. For example, when you select ‘Food & Drinks’ as the category, you’ll also be able to select a subcategory of Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, or Takeaway.

Example Screenshots of what you’ll see
Subcategory selection on the transaction screen - subcategories will only exist for the pre-defined categories and not for custom create categories

Example of subcategories available for the ‘Income’ category

Sign up for BETA access here: Money Dashboard - Survey (sign-up now closed to new entries)

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Will we also be able to create custom sub-categories?

That seems to be a common feature request so far so we will be looking into it. However the first priority is to test and play with what’s currently available, build out a wish list of features, and iterate from there.

I’ve had a quick play, I’m assuming some of this feedback is already known:

  • I can’t seem to add a rule or make multiple changes to the L2 tag
  • Food & drink needs Breakfast as an L2
  • Transport could have Scooter - I use them quite often :slight_smile:
  • Upcoming transactions do not have the sub-category
  • Bills has TV License, but not Streaming Service or Cable/Satellite TV (and surely no-one buys PPI anymore :slight_smile: )


Initial feedback - looks good! I really like the auto categorisation, and being able to drill down in the overview is extremely useful.

Comments / suggestions:

Additional Categories
Is it possible to add these categories:

  • Savings → Pension

General support for subcategories

  • Under Transactions view, select Multi Edit, click on Select All, click on Edit Category. I can only select top level categories

  • Under Transactions view, click on the Categories filter. I can only select top level categories

  • Under Settings → Manage Categories → Category Rules it is not clear if the rule is applying a subcategory (as it shows the parent category)

  • Settings → Manage Categories → Category Rules → Edit a category rule I am only able to select a parent category

  • Home → under Spending Plan → Click on budget item → Edit → Add Category. I am only able to select a parent category - adding subcategories here would be most useful

  • Home → under Spending Plan → Schedule. Only shows top level categories

Everything seems to be working fine for me; even the L2 Category is included in the Export. :+1:


For this to work, we must be able to create custom sub-categories under custom categories. There is no way you can cover people’s needs using a predefined set; flexibility is key :grinning:

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Another issue - Not all the categories have a sub-category of ‘None’, so if a sub-category has automatically been added, I can’t remove it

Not sure if it’s related to this BETA release, but if I add in a budget into the spending plan with 2 categories the “remaining amount” is incorrect.


Spending on groceries: 100
Spending on shopping: 50

Create a spending plan called “Shopping” with both the shopping category and the groceries category, and set the budget at £300

Expected outcome: remaining budget is £150
Actual outcome: remaining budget is £450

These are the benefits of testing! Thanks for pointing this out!

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Same problem here - Just found this with “Groceries” only has “Supermarket” and “Toiletries” No “None” :frowning:

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That’s unusual and not likely related to the BETA. I wasn’t able to replicate the issue on my end. Could you email for this please?

Disappointed that sub-categorisation is not available for custom categories.

If sub-categories are only going to be available for pre-defined categories then, for me, this functionality would only be useful if the following applied:

  1. the pre-defined category name could be edited, and

  2. the sub-categories are not predefined but can be added and edited.

As somebody else has already commented … flexibility is key.

Would you expect to see a set list of Subcategories within the custom Category, with the ability to make a custom one if it’s not there already. Or have it be entirely free-form input based only, without any suggested subcategories?

It would be pretty difficult to know exactly which subcategories would be relevant for a custom Category field. At least without any Machine Learning modal that can interpret what the custom category might be (something not likely to happen anytime soon :sweat_smile: )

I would like to see an empty list and then be able to add to it; or even a small starter “set” or say “Item 1”, “Item 2”, “Item 3” for example. key is an update, delete and add facility

Also, I would love a way to hide the inbuilt categories and sub-categories that I don’t use and therefore don’t want to see.


For me … the best approach would be for a totally free form approach within a custom category … so the whole custom category functionality is free form at both L1 and L2 levels.

if sub categories are only going to be allowed for predefined L1 categories then the ideal for me would be:

  1. ability to edit the name of the predefined L1 category, and

  2. one default L2 category [to which a transaction is allocated if no L2 sub category is chosen] within the predefined L1 category, and

  3. ability to add any number of sub-categories in addition to the default sub category.

I hope that explanation makes sense!! … if you need any clarification then please let me know.

This is the functionality that I have been waiting for … I think it would be a game changer for my use of MDB.

Regards. David

I’d like to become a beta tester. How do I get involved?

Is anyone else having issues setting the subcategory? Every time I try to set one I get an error ‘Failed to update tag’ on the website. No error displayed in the app, but the subcategory is not added.

I often get this when making updates to descriptions and categories. Usually, I refresh the list and the update has in fact being applied.

That sometimes happens for me with descriptions and a refresh work, but subcategories just won’t save