Support for Curve

I am now using a debit card for all my expenses via a Curve card. This means that none of my transactions will show in Moneydashboard. Since the goal of Curve is to bring multiple debit/credit cards under one single card, would it not make sense for MoneyDashboard to support Curve?

Same for me.

But because Curve is not a bank as such it will be really hard to get to link with them.

And there is no benefit to curve as well to support open banking.

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Curve already supports open-banking as a user via Plaid. Not sure if that means they have to reciprocate.

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Curve is not a bank,why not just use the card that you have connected with curve and just connect it with MoneyDashboard directly

  1. The Crypto VISA card can only be used with Google Pay and Samsung Pay through Curve
  2. MoneyDashboard does not support the debit card
  3. The fallback and “go back in time” features are convenient
  4. I get cashback

I am also interested in the card and it seems they support open banking directly, I’ve opened a request here.