The Best Personal Finance & Investing Podcasts - Your List

Let’s share our favourites Personal Finance & Investing Podcasts.

I really like the following podcasts:

FT Money Show - Personal Finance:

Real Money Stories with Jason Butler - Personal Finance:

Mad Fientist - Financial Independence and Early Retirement Podcast:

Financial Independence Europe - FIRE movement & Investing (UK and Europe based):

Animal Spirits - Investing & the Markets (US based):

Masters in Business (Bloomberg) - Investing & the Markets (US based):

Trillions (Bloomberg) - podcast about the ETFs market:

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I’m a huge fan of Meaningful Money:

It’s a great introduction to all things personal finance, no jargon and the episodes are pretty short (30 mins or so). The podcast gives you a really simple step-by-step plan to help you master your money, whatever stage of your life/investment journey you’re at.

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Yes Meaningful Money is a great one!

Money To The Masses do a good one for those interested in investing & the stock market:

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