The coolest way to build up your monthly saving pot without a smartphone

In the 1930s, Swiss life insurance companies were collecting monthly contribution payments in person.

To make sure that people were not missing them, the life insurance companies gave piggy bank clocks to households. The clock was only working if you made your small daily contribution (from one Swiss Franc a day).

I find this saving method extremely cool compared to my automated saving pot on my banking app!

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Haha. The way I do it with smartphone is to “trick” myself into saving more/spending less:

I allocate money to my Starling account which I have budgeted for general use (fun/discretionary spending) and set up auto round ups on all transactions (x2). This means it looks to me like I’m burning through cash quicker than I am so I start easing off spending sooner than I would otherwise - “Do I really need XYZ? I’ve only got £XX left this week!”. Then at the end of the week/month or when I remember I look at my pot > "woo! extra money!" (a bit like finding a tenner forgotten in a pocket).

I either then save this as extra - or just ‘roll it over’ into the next fun budget so I need to ‘top up’ my spending card less. I find overall this helps me spend a bit less/more thoughtfully without actually feeling like I am constraining myself or having to set strict budgets for everything.